Precision Complex Wire Forming and Presswork

Whether you have a drawing, sketch, sample or just the beginnings of an idea, our friendly, experienced engineering staff will work with you to develop a quality solution, designed for repeat production to the highest levels of tolerance, together with a delivery programme to meet your commercial needs.

Custom Wire Forming

  • Threaded Hooks
  • Threaded Eye Bolts
  • Handles
  • Utility Hooks
  • S-Hooks
  • J-Hooks
  • Hinge Pins
  • Square Bends
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  • Bespoke Brackets
  • Custom U-Bolts
  • P-Clips
  • Q-Clips
  • J-Brackets
  • Threaded U-Bolts
  • Corner Clamps and Brackets
  • Washers and Spring Clips
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Solutions Focused

  • Rapid Prototype Orders
  • In-House Tooling
  • Multi-Process Manufacturing
  • Progression Tooling
  • Multiple Materials and Finishes
  • Presswork
  • Wireforming: 1mm-20mm
  • 10 – 50,000 per week
  • Stock Holding and Kanban
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Why choose Stockton Engineering for presswork and wireforming?

Any shape any size we’ll find the right solution for your manufacturing and delivery needs

If it is a particular pressed washer, bracket or wire formed component you require, then you have come to the right place. Any components, from washers to perforated filter components we can make to your individual requirements - from prototype stage to full batch runs. With access to an extensive catalogue of tooling and manufacturing processes, plus material range and knowledge - Stockton Engineering will deliver a solution for all your wire forming and presswork demands.

Custom Wire Forming, Threaded Hooks, Threaded Eye Bolts, Handles, Utility Hooks, S-Hooks, J-Hooks, Hinge Pins, Square Bends, Pressings, Bespoke Brackets, Custom U-Bolts, P-Clips, Q-Clips, J-Brackets, Threaded U-Bolts, Corner Clamps and Brackets, Washers and Spring Clips, Solutions Focused, Rapid Prototype Orders, In-House Tooling, Multi-Process Manufacturing, Progression Tooling, Multiple Materials and Finishes, Presswork, Wireforming: 1mm-20mm, 10 – 50,000 per week, Stock Holding and Kanban,

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