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Founded in 1973 by Alan Burchell and continues to be family owned and managed

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Richard Grant-Pearce
Managing Director
Stockton Engineering


A tradition of solving our customers challenges

Historically providing wire forming, metal pressing engineering solutions for the automotive, rail – trackside, construction, packaging, distribution and general fixings markets. Today we find ourselves supporting the precision engineering sector as they seek out solutions to wire forming, metal pressing and presswork which is not possible on the CNC machines.

Stockton Engineering Limited is a privately owned company

Occupying 10,000 square feet in Barford Street, central Birmingham

Custom Wire Forming, Threaded Hooks, Threaded Eye Bolts, Handles, Utility Hooks, S-Hooks, J-Hooks, Hinge Pins, Square Bends, Pressings, Bespoke Brackets, Custom U-Bolts, P-Clips, Q-Clips, J-Brackets, Threaded U-Bolts, Corner Clamps and Brackets, Washers and Spring Clips, Solutions Focused, Rapid Prototype Orders, In-House Tooling, Multi-Process Manufacturing, Progression Tooling, Multiple Materials and Finishes, Presswork, Wireforming: 1mm-20mm, 10 – 50,000 per week, Stock Holding and Kanban,

The Company was established in 1973 and has been ISO9001 accredited since 2003. It has no affiliates or associates and operates in the materials handling, automotive, and general engineering sectors of the market place. Primarily areas of manufacture are wire forming and presswork. Additionally we have facilities for production jigs and fixtures and batch repetition to customer supplied designs and drawings.

The site features a range of hydraulic presses from 10 – 100 ton capacity, along with mechanical power presses from 20 - 100 ton capacity processing ferrous and non ferrous materials.

The success and reputation of the company is measured by the high standing of its customers. A policy of continuous self-appraisal and attention to detail has ensured the continuation of its customer base.

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