Custom Wire Forming

Specialising in the difficult or 'impossible to make' precision repetition wire forming since 1973

Unique manual wire forming technologies offer hundreds of thousands of possibilities

Time tested and proven methods to form wire into various shapes on our multi-slide wire benders and punch presses to perform multiple operations such as forming, cutting, and bending for fabricating wire products. With a multitude of manufacturing options to suit your functionality and volume requirements, we’ll help you to find the most cost-effective and efficient manufacturing method for all of your wire form needs.

Why choose manual wire forming technologies over CNC wire forming?

Almost half a century of tooling and proprietary processes means we answer your questions fast

Threaded eye bolt

When run on a CNC wire forming machine the wire forming options are limited and your design may be compromised. This could be by the number of bends or angles the CNC machine can achieve, the length of bar, or simply how it feeds in the wire material. CNC wire forming will typically struggle with threaded sections, (especially threads on both ends), complex angled bends and when the bar is wire formed at both ends. Which is why you’ll be told – ‘it’s impossible to make,’ but now you know it isn’t!

Custom wire forming for OEM’s since 1973

Providing quality high precision wire formed products

Custom wire forming

Wire forms can be made out of round, square, rectangular or flat wire and can be manufactured with a wide range of spring tempered and annealed materials, such as stainless steel, basic wire, tungsten, as well as exotic metals and specialty materials. Parts can have heat treatment, plating or finish of your choice. ISO9001 accredited since 2003 our specialising in holding tight tolerances employ numerous quality measures to achieve the specifications you require.

Our collaborative approach allows us to keep lead-times to a minimum

Supplying the wire forms other manufacturers simply can’t produce

We manufacture all types of custom wire formed components, from custom D-Rings and S-Hooks to unique wire bending shapes using in house tooling and equipment. This means we are able to set up fixtures, hand jigs and presses to achieve a variety of complex shapes using secondary processes. Our wire forming expertise offers component prototypes, fabrication, finishing, assembly and packaging solutions. Our technicians can set up our wire forming equipment to develop very complex designs – with any shape and with complete accuracy.

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