Metal Pressings and Presswork

Specialising in metal pressing, press forming & presswork since 1973

Engineering precision pressings in a wide range of materials

Our capabilities in metal presswork cover many different types of parts & components through a variety of processes including piercing, blanking, forming, swaging and cropping. The production of very small batches through to volume presswork production is possible because we incorporate a combination of both hand/fly, hydraulic and power presses. This agile and flexible manufacturing capability means you can have just one single component or a variety of components combining a range of ancillary processes.

Brackets, clamps, clips and fastenings

Small batches or long runs of metal presswork for bespoke brackets, clamps, clips and fastenings

Whether you need clamps, covers, caps, suspension brackets or something entirely unique – our comprehensive stable of machinery and metal pressing expertise will deliver you the best configuration for your project. Our vast store of quality-checked dies mean costs may be controlled through re-use of existing suitable tools. This means you get a highly flexible service and rapid delivery, with the highest quality standards.

Complex parts and components for challenging environments

Specialising in metal presswork for non-standard brackets and components low to medium quantities

The level of complexity and the volume of the component will determine the type of tooling and metal pressing process required. For lower volumes, multiple single operation tools is an effective route to balance tooling investment vs piece cost. It has the additional benefit of the component being free from the strip raw material allowing the component or ‘blank’ to be developed freely and incorporate secondary operations such as adding threading within the manufacturing process to achieve more complex forms. Where volumes are sufficient or piece cost is of prime importance, progressing tooling is an option.

Our collaborative approach allows us to keep lead-times to a minimum

General presswork and bespoke metal pressings manufactured to your exact specifications

We’ve manufactured all types of metal presswork components, from heavy duty switchgear for railway power supply to circlips measuring a few millimetres for the automotive sector - the scope for end use application is virtually without limits. This means we are able to set up fixtures, hand jigs and presses to achieve a variety of complex shapes using secondary processes. Our metal pressing expertise offers component prototypes, fabrication, finishing, assembly and packaging solutions. Our technicians can set up our metal pressing equipment to develop very complex designs – with any shape and with complete accuracy.

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