Metal Pressings and Presswork

Specialising in metal pressing, press forming & presswork since 1973

Custom Wire Forming, Threaded Hooks, Threaded Eye Bolts, Handles, Utility Hooks, S-Hooks, J-Hooks, Hinge Pins, Square Bends, Pressings, Bespoke Brackets, Custom U-Bolts, P-Clips, Q-Clips, J-Brackets, Threaded U-Bolts, Corner Clamps and Brackets, Washers and Spring Clips, Solutions Focused, Rapid Prototype Orders, In-House Tooling, Multi-Process Manufacturing, Progression Tooling, Multiple Materials and Finishes, Presswork, Wireforming: 1mm-20mm, 10 – 50,000 per week, Stock Holding and Kanban,

Engineering precision pressings in a wide range of materials

Our capabilities in metal presswork cover many different types of parts & components through a variety of processes including piercing, blanking, forming, swaging and cropping. The production of very small batches through to volume presswork production is possible because we incorporate a combination of both hand/fly, hydraulic and power presses. This agile and flexible manufacturing capability means you can have just one single component or a variety of components combining a range of ancillary processes.



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