Complex parts and components for challenging environments

Specialising in metal presswork for non-standard brackets and components low to medium quantities

Custom Wire Forming, Threaded Hooks, Threaded Eye Bolts, Handles, Utility Hooks, S-Hooks, J-Hooks, Hinge Pins, Square Bends, Pressings, Bespoke Brackets, Custom U-Bolts, P-Clips, Q-Clips, J-Brackets, Threaded U-Bolts, Corner Clamps and Brackets, Washers and Spring Clips, Solutions Focused, Rapid Prototype Orders, In-House Tooling, Multi-Process Manufacturing, Progression Tooling, Multiple Materials and Finishes, Presswork, Wireforming: 1mm-20mm, 10 – 50,000 per week, Stock Holding and Kanban,

The level of complexity and the volume of the component will determine the type of tooling and metal pressing process required. For lower volumes, multiple single operation tools is an effective route to balance tooling investment vs piece cost. It has the additional benefit of the component being free from the strip raw material allowing the component or ‘blank’ to be developed freely and incorporate secondary operations such as adding threading within the manufacturing process to achieve more complex forms. Where volumes are sufficient or piece cost is of prime importance, progressing tooling is an option.

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