Solution Focused Engineering and Supply Chain Management

Experience, in-house tooling design and manufacturing equipment combined with time served knowledge

Custom Wire Forming, Threaded Hooks, Threaded Eye Bolts, Handles, Utility Hooks, S-Hooks, J-Hooks, Hinge Pins, Square Bends, Pressings, Bespoke Brackets, Custom U-Bolts, P-Clips, Q-Clips, J-Brackets, Threaded U-Bolts, Corner Clamps and Brackets, Washers and Spring Clips, Solutions Focused, Rapid Prototype Orders, In-House Tooling, Multi-Process Manufacturing, Progression Tooling, Multiple Materials and Finishes, Presswork, Wireforming: 1mm-20mm, 10 – 50,000 per week, Stock Holding and Kanban,

A ‘can do’ approach, flexible service with an appreciation of the ‘real world’

We’ve manufacture all types of components, incorporating metal presswork and wire forming. Developing prototypes as proof on concept, producing high and low contract volumes of heavy gauge to micro engineered components. Since 1973 we’ve taken what was requested and looked beyond the brief to what is needed. Considering the functional, delivery and pricing needs of your product and where applicable your customer. We’ve become experts in innovating designs from sketches, CAD drawings and samples – as well as developing commercially viable solutions where expectations were low.


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